Salter Art and Appraisals is an art advisory and appraisal consultancy offering public and private clients a range of services for fine art collection care needs. Salter Art and Appraisals provides professional services for fine art including:  

Appraisal Reports for CCPREB and in kind donations of individual artworks or larger collections. Appraisal reports for probate, divorce, insurance and resale.    

Long Term Care, Restoration and Appraisal strategies for large scale public artworks. 

Working alongside a community of fine art specialists, qualified appraisers and academic and  industry professionals, we assist collectors, estate planners, executors and heirs, private owners; insurance professionals, lawyers, wealth advisors and managers; and corporate collections, foundations, museums and trusts with their collection care appraisal and restoration needs. 

Mandy Salter is the principal of Salter Art and Appraisals. She holds a Master of Fine Art and a B.FA. (Hons) in Art History and Studio Art and is a Member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).     

Salter Art and Appraisals   416 574 8479  

Stewarding Responsible Collections Care